How Do Ottawa SEO Services Perform Keyword Researching?

In this article, I will show you how the experts of Ottawa SEO Services, like perform keyword research for their clients. Basically, I would like to share their strategies because it seems very effective. So read until the end of this article and get ready to be benefited as an SEO expert.

ottawa seo services keyword research tips

Ottawa SEO Services Keyword Researching Technique


The experts of Ottawa SEO Services usually try filling in the topics (client’s business) buckets with your keywords.

So right now, they should have a number of topic buckets you would really like to emphasize on, it’s the most perfect time to figure out a few keywords that actually fall into those buckets. These are also known as keyword phrases you think are essential to rank for in the search engine result pages since the customer you targeted is probably performing searches for those particular terms.

As an example, if I picked that very last topic bucket for a software company that help in inbound marketing– “marketing automation” – I would for sure go for brainstorming a number of keyword phrases that I think individuals would type in relevantto that topic. Those might include:

  • top automation tools
  • email marketing automation
  • lead nurturing
  • how to tell if I need marketing automation software
  • what is marketing automation?
  • how to use marketing automation software
  • marketing automation tools

And much more. The main point of this step is not to come up with the ultimate list of keyword phrases — you simply would like to finish with a brain dump of phrases you consider potential customers might use to search for content relevant to that specific topic bucket. We will narrow the lists down later in the keyword research process so you do not have something extremely unwieldy.

Though more and more keywords as well as keyword phrases are getting encrypted by one the very popular search engines, Google every single day, another wisest way to come up with the ideas of keywords is to identify which keywords your site is already getting searched for. To accomplish this, you will require website analytics software, such as, Google Analytics.

Do the repetition of this exercise for as much topic buckets as you do have. And always keep one thing in your mind, if you are having plenty of troubles coming up with related search terms, you can at all times move onto your workers on the front lines — like Services or Sales — and ask them what kind of search terms their customers and prospects use, or common questions they have. Those are most of the time, amazing beginning points for keyword researching.

In conclusion, this is how the keyword research is usually done by most of the Ottawa SEO Services. If you have another great and effective technique, feel free to share it with us in the comment section. Thanks for reading!